JinniMag 1.0TB

JinniMag 1.0 TB

  • 100% RED MINI-MAG® Compatible
  • CNC machined airplane grade Aluminium body
  • Light, durable natural air-cool design

Estimated [USD $1,635 (No Tax)  -  EUR €1,405 (+Tax)]

JinniMag 1TB SSD Chipset

Fast SSD designed based on Samsung's MEX SATA3.1 Controller

3-core 400MHz ARM Cortex base design for blazing speed

JinniMag's 1.0TB SSDs are based on astonishing Samsung MEX SSD controllers. While providing huge capacity, JinniMag 1.0TB draw nominal power of only 0.32W in idle mode and 4.11W while recording, to help with a longer battery life.
Our 1.0TB SSDs are based on 400MHz 3-core ARM Cortex with added 4K random IOPS at QD1 to noticeably boost data rate, with added Dynamic Thermal Guard to top up JinniMag's special natural-cool body design.

Ready for your 8K shoots


100% Compatibility Guaranteed

No camera firmware update will ever stop you

JinniMag 1TB ECC and DTG Protection

Built-in ECC and Thermal Guard