JinniMag 1.0TB PEARL USB3

JinniMag 1.0 TB
PEARL USB 3.1 Type-C

  • Direct access to R3D files without ejecting JinniMag
  • MEX + ASMedia Dual Processor
  • R/W 16x Multi-Sector Transfer for 8K HFR and HDRx Recording
  • 100% RED MINI-MAG® Compatible
  • CNC machined airplane grade Aluminium natural-cool body design
Every 6 order gets a FREE IP65 hard-shell transportation case.


Get R3D files out during your shoot

Stick a USB cable and access RAW files between shots

JinniMag PEARL allows direct access to R3D RAW files for DIT, dailies editor, etc. while shooting, even in hard-to-access camera situation, such as when the camera is on a crane or carefully balanced on a Gimball
† No simultaneous access to preserve data-rate

JinniMag 1TB SSD Chipset

Blazing fast Samsung's MEX SATA3.1 and ASMedia SuperSpeed. Combined!

3-core 400MHz ARM Cortex controller + Integrated ASMedia 8-bit micro-processor with embedded RAM and ROM

Indulge in 8K!

  • Full compatibility with RED MINI-MAG®
  • 100% compliance with Super-Fast USB3.0 R1.0 Specs
  • 2x Integrated Internal Voltage Regulator
  • Support USB Super-Speed, High-Speed and Full-Speed
  • Spread Spectrum Control of USB3 Type-C and SATA interface to improve the EMI Performance
  • Support multi-GPIO pins and HBM ESD 2KV and MM ESD 200V
  • Supports Mass Storage Class, Bulk-Only Transport, USB Attached SCSI Protocol, SATA
  • Instantaneous Switch to ensure Brain's data priority


100% Compatibility Guaranteed

No camera firmware update will ever stop you

JinniMag 1TB PERAL ECC, DTG and Voltage Regulator Protection

Built-in ECC, Thermal Guard and Voltage Regulator