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Mini to full size Mag adaptor for RED® Digital Cinema camera

Rolling an older camera? They still create an amazing picture. Didn’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade its SSD module? Why should you?! And having problems with REDMAG® media availability? RADAPTOR is your gear. Stick any JINNIMAG® or RED MINI-MAG® on to your gem via RADAPTOR and keep producing astonishingly images!

Accepts all RED MINI-MAG® devices

With RADAPTOR and the right camera firmware update, you can convert ANY RED MINI-MAG® device into REDMAG® regardless of its capacity, as long as your specific RED® camera supports RED MINI-MAG® device.

If you have the option to swap the REDMAG® SSD module to RED MINI-MAG® SSD module on your specific camera, you can save thousands by purchasing a RADAPTOR or two instead of the over-priced SSD module and enjoy using more capacity and the lower compression ratio.

Keep your current REDMAG® reader

With RADAPTOR you can use your existing RED STATION® to access the content of your mini mag.

Works with all JINNIMAG® devices

RADAPTOR is engineered to work with all existing JINNIMAG® devices available.

Works with anything that works with REDMAG®

Using RADAPTOR you can also access all your recordings on JINNIMAG via your RED STATION®


    • Full metal body - Built to last
  1. Carefully chamfered insert to guide the mag, to prevent wrong insertion and to hold the adapting mag firmly straight in place
  2. Spring loaded dynamic pin cover to protect the connectors when not in use
  3. High endurance gold immersion connectors for a smooth connection to the camera brain
  4. Locking mechanism to securely hold the connected mag in the roughest of conditions
  5. Slots to grip with the SSD module’s locking spring
  6. Metal electronics compartment
  7. • Net Weight (approx.): 70g (without mag insertion) - 120g with JINNIMAG or RED MINI-MAG®
    • Dimensions (approx.): 100mm x 58mm x 8.3mm

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Important note:

We put RADAPTOR to production only if we can secure a minimum of 100 unit orders. In case the number of orders didn’t meet this threshold, we reserve the right to cancel the orders and refund your money.

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